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International Bond and Share Society Announces Changes to the Leadership Team

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Tim Welo is Acting Chairman and Bill Knadler (aka Fireman Bill) will be Appointed Membership Secretary

Everybody serious about collecting Scripophily should become a member of the IBSS
— Bob Kerstein, Founder
FAIRFAX, VA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2023 / -- The International Bond & Share Society (IBSS for short) is an association of people interested in Scripophily. The society was founded in 1978 as a non-profit organization with the aim to promote, encourage and develop all aspects of scripophily. The IBSS has members all over the world and is funded exclusively by the members. The society publishes Scripophily three times a year and also conducts auctions for members to consign items as well as bid on new certificates for their collections.

The Society is led by volunteers for the benefit of its Members, who have a mutual interest in educating, collecting and sharing information of bond, stock and share certificates and company histories. The Society shall provide a platform to interact with the academic community, museums, members and the general public to share the knowledge and history of these financial documents. The Society welcomes new and old collectors in its efforts to promote the hobby of scripophily for generations to come.

Timothy Welo started out adult life as a printing and photographer teacher at both the secondary and college level. After further graduate work in research methods and statistics he worked in the corporate world at The American Management Association, Metropolitan Life Insurance and Gartner in Customer Information Management and Event Marketing. Tim’s interest in scripophily and finely engraved materials goes back to his teaching days. He started his collecting in the mid 1980’s when he bought his first piece, an Illinois Central Railroad stock certificate at an antique show. Over the years Tim has amassed as many auction catalogs with scripophily offerings as he can find. He is also the author of “The History of Worldwide Scripophily Auctions” which was published in 2020. He is currently working on a second edition.

William S. Knadler is from Norwalk, Ohio and started on the Norwalk Fire Department in 1975 as a Volunteer Fireman and moved to Full-Time Career Fire Fighter in 1982. He retired in 2012 as a Shift Captain. Since retirement, Bill is currently a Trustee for the Firelands Historical Society, a Trustee for the Woodlawn Cemetery Board and the Treasurer for the Car Coddlers of Ohio. He is a current member of the IBSS, the National AACA (Antique Automobile Collectors Association) and the local Ohio Chapter of the AACA and has served as a Judge in events in Charlotte, NC and Hershey, PA.
He has been collecting stocks and bonds since 1984 and has stocks from all 50 states, with his main focus on Ohio, where he has items from all 88 counties in Ohio. His earliest Ohio piece is dated 1814 and the earliest railroad item from Ohio is dated 1834.
Bill has done about 40 presentations to other Historical Societies, Civic Organizations and almost anyone who needed a guest speaker, and was the speaker at the IBSS breakfast a few years back.

Martin Zanke, has decided to step down. Martin’s contributions to the society are many including attending many shows and auctions and always promoting the hobby. Martin also started our newsletter program that continues. Martin will continue to be a member of the Management Committee
along with Timothy. Welo and William Knadler.

Robin Majlak has been the Membership Secretary and we appreciate all of her hard work over the past several years.

Scripophily is the study and collection of stocks and bonds. Some people refer to scripophily as a specialized field of numismatics. Scripophily is an interesting area of collecting due to both the inherent beauty of some historical documents as well as the interesting historical context of each document.
Scripophily gained recognition as a hobby around 1970. The word “Scripophily” was coined by combining words from English and Greek. The word “scrip” represents an ownership right and the word “philos” means to love. Today there are thousands of collectors worldwide in search of scarce, rare, and popular stocks and bonds.

The IBSS is the leading international organization for collectors, dealers and auctioneers in this field.

Everybody serious about Scripophily should become a member.

Benefits include access to all of the online resources available to members only: an online forum where you can contact experts to answer questions about your old stocks and bonds and build relationships with fellow collectors, galleries of rare and beautiful scripophily pieces, and news about the society.
Subscription to our “SCRIPOPHILY” magazine with free ads for collectors (3 issues per year). A paper directory of Scripophily dealers and collectors. Online and print opportunities for publishing your favorite Scripophily subjects. Most important is making connections with other people who share your interests.

Scripophily (scrip-ah-fil-ly) is the name of the hobby of collecting old stock and bond certificates. Certificate values range from a few dollars to more than $500,000 for the most unique and rare items. Tens of thousands of scripophily buyers worldwide include casual collectors, corporate archives, business executives, museums and serious collectors. Due to the computer age, more and more stock and bonds are issued electronically which means fewer paper certificates are being issued. As a result, demand for paper certificates is increasing while supply is decreasing. and Bob Kerstein has had items on loan for display in museums around the world. Scripophily has been featured on Bloomberg, Fairfax Times, CNBC, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Nightline, Today Show, Baltimore Sun, and Washington Post and in many other media publications.

For more information on Scripophily please visit,,,,, or call 1-703-787-3552

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Bob Kerstein
+1 703-787-3552

Bob Kerstein
+1 703-787-3552
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